Natalie's hospital stay 2012 Natalie's hospital stay 2012 Chillin after getting my PICC line put in 167636586 I love my Valentine 167636587 treatment time 167636588 Thank you vianne and nina 167636589 hanging out playing in my room 167636590 upclose shot of the PICC line 167636591 sailboat racing 167636592 167636593 dad bonding time!! 167636594 Good morning from our room 167636595 I painted this with Dad 167636596 Here is what my arm looks like from far away 167636597 167636598 My twin bear rules!! 167636599 I love my cards from my friends!! 167636600 Thank you Keck Family 167636601 167636602 surgery day 167636603 away she goes 167636604 looking at the top part of where Natalie's lungs start 167636605 She loves her stompeez 167636606 we are out of here!! 167636907 The PICC line Everything on the right of the white bandage was inside her body!! 167636908