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Allergy Testing- negative

Posted by Jen on October 29, 2012 at 10:45 PM

First off, happy birthday Auntie Jillian! We hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday :-)

Secondly today was the day we have been waiting 3 months for!!!! Our allergy testing!!!! We woke up nice and early to get to Fullerton by 8:15am. Shocking traffic wasn't tooo bad for us. They took us right away and then Natalie played on her my i-pod while I answered 5 million questions about her health, our house etc... Then it was time for the testing. They wrote 19 little numbers on her arm. And then put a drop off a solution next to each number. Once all 19 are on there they poke each dot into her skin with a soft needle ( it didn't hurt, they poked me once they were done with her so I could know what she went through!) After you have to sit without touching your arm for 15 minutes. The #1 is histamine so everyone should react to that. You need a 3mm red mark in order to be an accurate test. Of course after 15 minutes, Natalie's only grew 2mm. Not one other solution turned red with a mark. They said it wasn't 100% accurate but they think she is negative to everything because she didn't get a thing from any other number.

Go figure, we were kind of hoping she was allergic to something outside. I mean it makes sense. Every July she coughs and it gets worse in fall and then she is hospitalized in October. But no, she was negative to trees, grass, and molds! GRRRRRR!!!!

However they did notice her numbers for the strep vacine were low. So they gave her the vacine for pneumonia. We have to go for bloodwork in 4-6 weeks to make she her strep numbers go up and then to test her bloodwork for allergies since the other wasn't accurate.

So we will see what the results will be in 4-6 weeks.

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