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Posted by Jen on November 1, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Every 2 weeks after nasal surgery we have to go see Dr. Schroeder for about 2 months. As soon as we get there Natalie starts freaking out about the vacuum machine and camera. She had developed anxiety when it comes to the ENT! Not a good thing so we are trying to find a way to relax her!

Once we walk in the room they give her a nasal spray that will numb her nose. She doesn't like this either. Pretty much everything the dr does, she hates except for the nasal flush!

Once we pinned her down, Dr. Schroeder stuck the camera in her nose to see how things looked. I have to say it is kind of gross! She has snot up there and he tries to get it but he can't since she has "CF snot". That just means it is SUPER thick. So now he tried the vacuum and again I am watching and the suction is sitting on it but the snot is NOT moving. I know this is gross, but this is what we go through :-) After he tries to get as much out as he can, we sit and talk. He was trying to find a way to help her and not cause too much pain. He then through out there about sedating her and doing this same procedure. He said he can spend 10 minutes and get everything out. I said sure! I could tell he was surprised I responded so quick. Then he really started to think about that option. I told him I saw all the snot still in there that we couldn't get today and I don't want the polyps to grow back. So I am for anything he would suggest to help Natalie. So after he typed up her paperwork we decided Monday was a good day to do this procedure, a nasal debridement!

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