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Nasal Debridement

Posted by Jen on November 5, 2012 at 9:20 PM

This morning Natalie had her nasal debridement procedure. Luckily this is quick so she only needs a mask to go to sleep, no needles or IV's!!! Dr. Schroeder took her back and they were done in 20 minutes. He came out to the waiting room and told me this was 100% necessary. He said they never would have been able to get all of the snot out in an office visit while she was awake. He said there was a lot more in there then he thought. He thinks some of it is from her past surgery and since he removed so much, and loosened everything up that it crusted and made more boogers.

We have to do the nasal fluch 2 times a day and flonase twice a day. He said Natalie has a bad case of CF in her sinuses. I have seen it myself when he uses the camera. It is SO thick that it is hard to suction. At least this is her sinuses and not her lungs! Even though he said that the snot is thick just like the mucus in her lungs and it's crazy to see and know that. It has been another CF reality check for me!

So after I talked with Dr. Schroeder I went back to see Natalie. Boy was she happy to see me. She was still "out of it" so she hit me, bit me, punched me in the face and wiped her spit on me! The nurse asked if she had night terrors and I said yes! (Those are the worst for those of you that don't have a child with them. They wake up randomly in the night still asleep but cry and scream with their eyes shut and it can take 20 minutes to calm them down.) She said that children with night terrors wake up mean and and angry just like a night terror. It totally made sense. They said she should out grow this between 8-9. Hopefully we will not have to be sedated before then!!! Fingers crossed all of this helps her sinuses!!!

Once she calmed down we were free to go and Natalie was back to her normal self before we got home! So with that being said it was time to go to the mall to celebrate their day off of school and buy some build a bear clothes for Ryan, Natalie and Aubrey!

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