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Surgery Day

Posted by Jen on October 2, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Today is the day we hope will clear Natalie’s body and give us some answers involving her cough.

Her 2 procedures were scheduled for 9:45, around 9:15 we changed into a hospital gown, took off her jewelry and then I gave her a good luck gift, a Barbie gymnast she has been asking for. Around 9:30 they came to our room and brought us down to the PACU. We had to wait for a while because the ENT had a procedure before us and it was running long. Natalie was getting a little stir crazy waiting for them. We luckily had a great nurse and to relax Natalie she made small talk and then decided that her dog stuffed animal that she brought down for surgery needed an ID bracelet like her. So Pancho got a nice red bracelet just like Natalie.

Afterwards both the ENT and pulmonologist came in and spoke with me about their procedures. And finally at 10:35 Natalie went away with the anesthesiologist.

Around 11:50 the pulmonologist, Dr. Griffiths, came out and spoke with me about Natalie’s bronchoscopy. She said they went in there and did a lavage, that is when they insert saline solution in her lungs to loosen up the mucus and then suck it back up and send all the mucus for testing. She said there was more mucus in there then she expected but it wasn’t bad. I was happy to hear that those mucus plugs were removed and now she didn’t have to worry about them. We will have prelim results in 24 hours and then they are final after 7 days.

Now it was time to wait for the ENT to be finished and to see Natalie. He said he wouldn’t be as long as last time since he was hoping she didn’t have as much gook inside her to remove. So we were looking for about 1 ½ hrs. So we waited as calmly as we could, I ran to go get lunch since it was taking longer than I thought and I was starving. Joe got us Starbucks and then at 2pm they came and found us to go back to her recovery room.

My poor Natalie was crying. She just wanted something to drink to moisten her mouth because it was do dry. But we had to wait for orders to go in the computer for clear liquids. It felt like eternity for those orders to come through, but it was probably 10 minutes, and then once we got her mouth wet she got a little fussy. I think she wanted to sleep but couldn’t and she wanted her nose to stop hurting and she wanted her mouth to stop hurting so her oxygen level dropped. They said this happen after the lavage, the medicine they put her on and then with her reaction it was bound to happen. So they gave her oxygen for 5-10 minutes in which she fell asleep and relaxed and then she was fine and held her own oxygen again.

We finally made it back to our room around 3:30. She was still sleeping which is great because she was exhausted. She had to have her IV meds when we got back because we already missed one dose this morning. Natalie slept for about 3 hrs. Her Grandma Martinez came and brought is dinner and a sweet snack for Natalie. She also received a La De Da doll from her grandma for having surgery. She played with the dog all night that came with the doll. I think because it looked like her real dog Charlie at home that she misses.

Around 8pm Natalie bounced back to her “normal” self. A volunteer names Jim came and brought her some animals to paint and she talked his ear off for 30 minutes telling him anything and everything. By 8:30 he said he had to go because visiting hours ended and she continued to talk to him. I reminded her had to go and she finished her last story and then she looked at him and said ok you are now released, you can go!!! Too funny!!! I told her she was practicing for her Halloween costume, a queen, by being bossy!


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